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From startups to industry leaders, learning tasks, and solving problems are essential to getting the job done. Employees can brush up on product knowledge, access critical resources, acquire new knowledge, or master a new skill.



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TMH introduces you to bite-size adaptive microlearning that can be adapted to fit any organizational needs. Onboarding, marketing, new hires, compliance, brand training, and for just about any subject under the sun. Because of the focused content delivery, short bursts of skill-based practices, and anytime/anywhere access, microlearning from TMH is the most flexible learning strategy to amplify your training program.


It’s a well-known fact that using online learning solutions—specifically Microlearning for employee training can be immensely cost-effective for corporate organizations. But it’s not just about how economical it is to the organization, but also about how efficient and beneficial it is to employees than traditional learning, e-learning, or training.

Focus on the Learner

Having a wide range of small task content allows you to match them to your teams learning style.

High Impact

Specific, short, and high-quality content to your employees, and the subject offered can have a positive impact.

Knowledge Retention

Bite-sized microlearning content allows your team to repeatedly access specific task-related content, allowing each person to learn and retain knowledge at their own pace.

Less Time-Consuming

Employees should not be asked to put aside hours of their day at work to learn. TMH’s microlearning content takes up less time to deliver and consume.

Reduces Training Costs

No matter where your employees are located or what skills and tasks they need to know, you can provide them with the online training resources they require quickly at a fraction of the cost.

Knowledge Is Power

It breaks down barriers and facilitates communication; it breeds a feeling of ownership and intelligent decision-making. AND most of all, it creates opportunities. No matter what else we do, part of our job is to create opportunities for ourselves and our company. The more we know, the more opportunities we can make.