What are the Teach Me How Categories?

The website will be launched with these categories: Training / Automotive / DIY Home / Health & Fitness / Lean & Continuous Improvement / Art / Food & Cooking / Sports / Computer Software / Cleaning & Organization / Engineering & Design / Pets / Music / Parenting / Professional & Life Coaching / Beauty & Make-up / Beverages & Mixology. Teach Me How will not be limited only to these categories, through the use of the user feedback loop more categories can be derived. Visit the the list of categories and sub-categories from the menu to see the available topics..

How does Teach Me How function?

Content creators create user accounts where they upload How To videos specified to their category of expertise. Visual learners also create membership accounts when they determine which How To categories they would like to have access to..

Is special equipment required to create How To videos?

Special and/or sophisticated equipment is not required to create How To video but the quality and presentation of the video is key. Best practices: have a HD camera (1920x1080) with an external microphone for best quality..

Can anyone be a content creator?

Yes! Anyone willing to share their How To expertise on a given task for a category has the ability to be a content creator.

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